Designing a WordPress website can be as simple is picking out a theme that a million other websites use and adding some clever text and common images, but who wants to have a site that's anything but unique? Standing out on the internet requires finding the right WordPress designer that can not only create a custom WordPress theme, but can also design your website to use the perfect combination of colors, fonts, and text that presents everything in an organized and professional manner. Toban Penner of Penner Web Design has been a WordPress designer for over 7 years, and is among a handful of WordPress experts that companies seek to design their websites in the United States.

Proper Layout Techniques

Responsive Wordpress DesignToban understands that designing a WordPress website first requires understanding how to layout the website structure that will be best suited to the needs of company he is creating the website for, so he helps them determine whether to use a full screen layout, a left or right sidebar layout, or a hybrid of all 3 depending on what content is being used within the design. Another element that comes into play that every WordPress designer needs to consider is how everything will look when the pages are loaded on various devices, so where the sidebars will be located when being seen on a tablet or phone are of great importance.

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Designing the Perfect Custom Theme

What makes every website unique is what type of theme will be used to tie it all together, and Toban Penner knows how to design a WordPress theme that will be completely unique to every business he designs and develops for. Customizing a WordPress theme requires that every company has it's own correct combination of colors, fonts, images, and logo that need to emphasize that the company is completely professional and has taken the time and expense to be seen on the internet in the best light possible.

Selecting the Right Plugins

Once the overall look and layout of the site have been determined, next comes adding function to the website. Every website should have security and spam prevention, but will there be a need for online forms, polls, forums, or other elements that will add deeper interaction to the design? Penner Web Design helps each customer understand what utilities are available to help create the best possible scenario so that visitor conversion ratios are as high as possible.

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