Facility Management Services

In the realm of business operations, facility management services are an essential component that can significantly influence the overall success of an organization. With their pivotal role in streamlining operations, ensuring employee safety, and fostering efficiency, it's crucial to select a provider that brings expertise, reliability, and a commitment to quality to the table.

Athabasca Catering Limited Partnership is such a provider. As a proudly First Nations-owned and operated hospitality and site management company, we offer a unique blend of traditional values and modern methodologies, catering to diverse facilities across Canada with professionalism and pride.

A Different Approach to Facility Management:

At Athabasca Catering, we approach facility management services with a different lens. This unique approach, born from a marriage of Indigenous values and modern practices, matters for several reasons:

  • Respect for Tradition: We maintain a strong connection to our First Nations roots, incorporating these values into our services.
  • Emphasis on Community: By focusing on community empowerment, we forge strong relationships with our clients and their surrounding communities.
  • Adaptability: We customize our services to meet the unique needs and expectations of each client.
  • Sustainability: Our operations are guided by a deep respect for the environment, ensuring we do our part in preserving our planet for future generations.

Our Facility Management Services:

In addition to our uniquely tailored approach and commitment to safety and quality, we offer a broad range of facility management services designed to meet your diverse needs:

  1. Turnkey Service: We handle everything from initial requirements identification to mobilization, setup, staffing, management, and demobilization. This all-inclusive service ensures a smooth transition at all stages.
  2. Remote Infrastructure: If necessary, we provide remote power generation, water and waste treatment, IT and communications services, and equipment.
  3. Commissary Services: We ensure your staff has access to snacks, toiletries, and literature for their convenience and comfort.
  4. Entertainment and Wellness: We understand the importance of recreation for staff well-being. Our services include organized sporting events, watch parties, outdoor activities, movie nights, card tournaments, casino nights, and bingo.
  5. Security Services: We prioritize safety, providing first aid readiness, and security services to maintain a safe and secure environment.
  6. Professional Administration and Management: We manage staff rotations and ensure smooth check-ins, providing a hassle-free experience for both your team and visiting personnel.

Commitment to Safety and Quality:

We place a significant emphasis on safety and quality, as evidenced by our Certificate of Recognition (COR) certification, one of the first in Saskatchewan's hospitality industry. This commitment means we don't merely meet safety protocols–we aim to exceed them, ensuring a secure and productive environment for both our clients and our employees.

Examples of our commitment to safety and quality include:

  • Regular Safety Training: We regularly conduct WHMIS, JHA, and JTO training, along with daily safety meetings.
  • First Aid Readiness: All our managers have first aid, CPR, and AED training, ensuring swift response in case of emergencies.
  • Compliance with Standards: We exceed the mandatory OH&S Committee meeting frequency and the safety committee's requirements.
  • Associations: We are a member of the Service and Hospitality Safety Association and an Associate Member of the Construction Safety Association.

Contact Us About Our Facility Management Services

With Athabasca Catering, you're choosing more than just a facility management company. You're choosing Canada's largest First Nations-owned hospitality company, which brings a unique blend of traditional values and modern practices to every project. If you're looking for a partner committed to safety, quality, and bespoke service, then let's connect. Let's discuss how we can adapt our services to meet your specific needs.

Facility Management Services

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